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Hospital medical outdoor advertising machine solution


Benefits of the hospital on the outdoor advertising machine is convenient:

1. In the hospital doors, Kaldi rich outdoor advertising machine play the hospital of the latest information, such as the introduction of new diseases and prevention, the major disease of things told that let users in the hospital can learn about the related disease information, such as the 2003 SARS outbreak, in 2013, bird flu, hospitals by outdoor advertising machine immediately inform the general people, allow patients to understand more about the latest disease information, and to do the related prevention measures, directly to the masses as a powerful propaganda.

2. At the front desk service area, the patient could save queuing time, directly take number, choose the corresponding departments, take the number directly to the department after waiting to see a doctor!

3. In the waiting hall, the patient can query directly by LCD advertising machine related diseases of the introduction, let patients can better control over his illness.

4. The query room, outdoor advertising machine direct printing results, patients directly through the card, advertising machine in a single, without having to go to window waiting in line.

5. For a social security card advertising machine, the patient can be in the hospital lobby self-service query and social security card machine directly on advertising machine brush social security card, don't need to submit an expense account formalities such as through complex process, can be directly through the self-service query social security card machine to solve all problems.

Though The Times change, people is inseparable from the intelligent system, because intelligent terminal bring us too many benefits and convenience, it embodies in time, the rapid spread of information and query information quickly.This is intelligent advertisement machine to bring the benefits of the hospital, bring the benefits of the masses!

Hospital is exchanged personnel composition is very complicated in public places, how to consider the characteristics of the hospital itself, the civil air defense and dimension is organically unifies in together, is the system selection and configuration of main basis, with the advent of the era of computer network, and the rapid development of flat-panel display technology, based on the big screenOutdoor advertising machineFor the display terminal monitoring system has become the enterprise unit part and parcel of the internal management and technical prevention.thisOutdoor advertising machineHas powerful function, can carry on the monitor to the hospital many things, and can be centralized monitoring, truly none or little unattended for hospital.This not only can save a lot of manpower, and has the very good economic and social benefits.

Shenzhen shunda rong focus on science and technology co., LTDOutdoor advertising machine, liquid crystal splicing screen, LCD advertising machine research and development production and sales, with independent research and development technical support its structural and electronic properties of high reliability and advanced nature, many medical institutions provide a wide range of outdoor advertising machine, integrated LCD outdoor advertising machine.

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