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Seven Common Troubles and Maintenance Methods of LCD Advertising Machine


Seven Common Troubles and Maintenance Methods of LCD Advertising Machine

At present, the digital sign LCD advertising all-in-one machine has become an important digital information communication platform. It can not only be used in transportation hubs, but also in shopping malls, museums, banks and other public places. In addition to simple information publishing functions, it can also increase revenue for the carrier of digital advertising. Normally, the normal service life of the LCD advertising machine can be as long as 6-7 years under the condition of 7 * 24 hours of operation, so it is very necessary for the LCD advertising machine manufacturer to advise users to master some common solutions to LCD advertising machine failures.

1. When the LCD advertising machine starts, there is no sound and the screen does not display. At this time, it may be that the indicator light on the front panel flashes

If there is no sound, you can open the back cover of the LCD advertising machine, use a multimeter to check whether the drive board is powered on, and then check whether the connection of the horn cable is normal. If the horn makes a loud noise, it means that the drive board of the advertising machine has been damaged, and you can replace it. If there is no display screen on the screen, the user can check whether the signal connection between the display and the computer is firm enough, and carefully check whether there is a problem with the interface of the signal line. If the pin is bent or broken, it should be replaced in time.

2. LCD advertising machine screen flashes severely

Please check whether there is magnetic disturbance around the LCD advertising machine; Please check whether the power supply voltage is stable; Please check the display device and video card driver; Progress refresh rate 75HZ; If it still doesn't work, we can only find the LCD advertising machine manufacturer to repair it.

3. LCD advertising machine generates chromatic aberration after being used for a period of time

How can we slow down its light decay speed without being bothered by it. First, control the power level, and control the local oscillator output power in the microwave superheterodyne receiver to obtain the best noise figure and frequency conversion loss to achieve the best reception effect. In the microwave receiver, automatic gain control is realized to improve the dynamic range. Jump attenuator used in radar anti-jamming: it is a variable attenuator with sudden change in attenuation. It does not introduce attenuation at ordinary times, but suddenly increases attenuation when encountering external interference.

4. When the LCD of the LCD advertising machine is turned on and off, the screen presents disturbing patterns

This condition is caused by the signal disturbance of the video card and belongs to the normal appearance. This question can be handled by automatically or manually adjusting the phase.

5. There is no response after the LCD advertising machine is plugged in

First, check whether the special power supply is powered on, which is a common problem in practical applications. You can try to remove the back cover of the LCD advertising machine for inspection to see if the wire is falling off or loose. Test method: use a multimeter to measure whether the indicator light is normal. If it is normal, it indicates that the power supply is powered. Eliminate the power supply failure. Next, check the power on condition of the decoding board, advertising machine drive board, high-voltage strip, horn and LCD screen in order to see whether the power is cut off due to the problem of accessories.

6. Automatic shutdown of LCD advertising machine after startup

First, distinguish whether the menu setting of the LCD advertising machine is in the punctual shutdown state; The machine presents the appearance of short circuit and can replace the main board; If the operation of the high-voltage strip is abnormal, replace the high-voltage strip; The remote control doesn't work.

7. There are thumb sized black spots on the LCD screen of the LCD advertising machine

This situation is largely caused by external pressure. Under the pressure of external force, the polarizer in the LCD panel will deform. This polarizer is like aluminum foil, and will not spring up by itself after being pressed into the recess. This forms the difference in the reflection of the LCD panel, which will show the grayness you see. Some of these can be easily found under the white screen. Usually, the size is more than ten square millimeters, that is, the size of the thumb. This will not affect the life of the LCD. Please pay more attention in future applications, Do not touch the LCD screen.

KAWDEN suggested that: The above is about some problems often encountered in the use of LCD advertising machines. Everything in nature has a shelf life. Learning to treat it well and use the LCD advertising machine instructions will achieve unexpected results. Shenzhen Shundarong Technology Co., Ltd. has always provided training on the use of LCD advertising machines to help customers solve some problems they encounter in life. If necessary, You can contact us through contact information.

This article is from the official website of KAWDEN, a manufacturer of LCD advertising machines in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, www.kawden.com

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