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Theme park outdoor interactive touch query all-in-one solution


aAnd compared with the traditional publicity column, YueBaoLan

Uninterrupted scrolling changes throughout the day in the theme, the park entrance and access to information.Getting "invalid time" to "effective period", extended release the release of the space and time.

Traditional publicity column, YueBaoLan: static spread, published has been produced good propaganda, cannot be updated in real time.Especially in the major events occur, cannot be effectively passed to visitors for the first time, helpless, useless.

Kaldi rich outdoor advertising machine: "static" to "dynamic" real-time transmission, relying on the "post", updates information more timely, more rich and colorful content.Especially in the major events occur, can be effectively passed to the visitors in the first place, convenient and efficient, fast and practical.

Traditional publicity column, YueBaoLan: is it a "passive" propaganda, namely the initiative in people's hands, citizens must be approached publicity column, YueBaoLan viewing, to obtain information.

Kaldi rich outdoor advertising machine: "passive" to "active", by 24 hours a day uninterrupted change of LCD video image display, LED text content, to implement the initiative in the information service.Attractions from inside the theme park entrances and exits, through every day, can see 5 metres away, and the changing information will attract people butt down an interest in the content of the effective attract eyeball.

Traditional publicity column, YueBaoLan: "silent" propaganda,

Kaldi rich outdoor advertising machine: "silent" to "sound", comprehensive communication.Equipped with sound transmission system, in open the sound device on the terminal when necessary, to "sound", realize the words, pictures, video, voice transmission.

The second, and some of the existing theme parkCompared with the LED or LCD terminal

The existing platform: the ownership and use right in the hands of businessmen, all its preempted the "ground" is used to play without the audit of the commercial advertising content.These problems spread, disorderly and poor content, there are serious political concerns.

Kaldi rich outdoor advertising machine: theme park "civilized behavior" public welfare advertisement publish platform, publicity of this position will park firmly in the hands of the party and the government, "he" is the "I".And can be unified and efficient.

Existing platforms: because of the play is commercial advertising content more, useless for citizens basic life, and people know its commercial properties, the attention is extremely low, basic, it is invalid.

Kaldi rich outdoor advertising machine: getting "invalid" to "effective". The main issue is related to public life the convenience and benefit of information and public service information, citizens understand its properties, to generate goodwill and rely on it, an effective attention.

To sum up,

Theme park outdoor interactive touch query solution can effectively occupy the three positions: extended release "theme park" propaganda position, creating civilized city to create a new position, set up the traditional media to digital media in the new position.


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