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Building advertising machine is using a standard monitor, television and other display terminal through the Internet and multimedia system control way to realize information display and video advertising of a new generation of smart devices.Main building/outdoor advertising: refers to the commercial building, supermarket stores, such as campus canal, commercial advertising system, terminal, in the form of display for broadcast TV commercials and other performance means.More popular in the market now is LCD advertising machine building and LED LCD building advertising machine, we shenzhen shunda glory technology co., LTD. Has the following two functions, stand-alone and online.

The scope of application: building advertising machine can be used in building, building, the office LAN/advertising release of information.Through the hard disk, CF card, routers, optical cable, metropolitan area network, such as PSTN, system can be distributed to all over the world, even achieve super information released through the wan (Internet).

Internet advertising machine 1, multimedia information machine 3, server 4, 2, console, computer network equipment and cables.Multimedia information machine as the terminal of multimedia information publishing system, is an integration of special embedded computer.Has a powerful ability of multimedia information processing, including: to real-time video, sound, frequency decoding, real-time video and audio playback and compatible with a variety of images, animation, audio formats with Ethernet interface, support centralized controlled via TCP/IP network.

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